Allan Pedder

 Official History

The Association authorised one of 7th Battalion's veterans, Allan Pedder (seen on the right), to write a history of the Battalion from its creation in 1936 to its disbandment in 1946.

The book is now out-of-print but has been scanned. 

Below you can open a PDF version of each chapter or other section of the book.  You will need Adobe software in order to open the attachments.

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Preliminary:  Contents page, introduction, abbreviations

Chapter 1: The North West Murray Borderers

Chapter 2: To the Northern Territory

Chapter 3: Atherton Tablelands

Chapter 4: Overseas

Chapter 5: Action at Last

Chapter 6: The beginning of the end




Appendix 1:  Air raids in the Darwin area - 19 Feb 1942 to 12 Nov 1943


Photos: 1936 to 1942

Photos: 1942 -1943

Photos: 1942-1943

Photos: 1942 - 1943

Photos: 1942 - 1943

Photos: 1942 - 1945

If you want to download a full copy of the book please click here.  The file is very large at 24MB (or 24,061kb) so it may take a while to open or download.