Coconut Grove, Darwin

Wet weather Camp somewhere south of Darwin.  Note tent sides are raised off the ground.

Another photo of a camp somewhere south of Darwin

Pythons grow large in the Northern Territory!

Laurie Scott's tent probably in March 1942 when dug in astride the North-South road and expecting a Japanese invasion at any time.

Yet another large python hanging about camp

Practice session with Vickers machine gun, south of Darwin

Berry Springs, NT.  7th Bn members enjoy some R&R.

7th Bn Signals office, Darwin area

Inside 7th Bn Sig office

1943. Parade, Marakai, near Darwin. 7th Battalion members approaching the saluting base.

1942.  7th Battalion members en-route to a training exercise in 'Rum Jungle'.

Parade to mark the opening of a new canteen at 36 mile (south of Darwin)

Berry Springs R&R camp working party

Berry Springs R&R camp working party