Lyall was Mentioned in Despatches for his "exceptional service in the field in the South West Pacific" while serving at the front line in Bouganville and has continued to deliver 'exceptional service"2016 04 25 14 47 58 Lyall only edited through his membership of the 7th Battalion Association. 

 He was a founding member of the Association and served on the Committee since its inception more than six decades ago.  Lyall was President of the Association from 2001 until he handed over leadership of the Association to Stuart Rowley in April 2016.

Lyall has served the Association with great dedication for over 23 years. As well as serving as President for 15 years, Lyall served in every executive committee position including three years as Vice President.  By the mid 2000’s Lyall was looking to the future and working hard to encourage younger members to join and contribute to the Association.  His vision was to see the Association have a long and viable future and he was concerned that as the veteran’s passed away, the Association’s future was not looking good. Lyall has been successful in inspiring younger members to join up and mentored Elaine Towers and Trevor Pettitt when they joined the Committee around 2009.

Lyall has also been very active in participating in Association activities, particularly in Maryborough where he frequently took his family with him to the annual social gatherings. More recently Lyall has represented the Association at the Bombing of Darwin commemorations held in Mildura on 19 February each year.

Lyall’s contributions to the Association were recognised in 1999 when he was made a Life Member and this was before he began his term as President!

The Association and all its members owe Lyall a huge debt for his efforts on behalf of all who served with the 7th Battalion and especially for his far sightedness in working to create an Association that encouraged both veterans and their descendants to participate and honour the achievements of the Battalion.

Lyall continues to be an active member of the Association, even if he is taking life a little more quietly these days.

We don't know when and how the song was written, but it was sung at Battalion Reunions, especially the early ones.

Click here to see the song lyrics:  Reunion_Song_of_7th_Bn.pdf   

Alex West goes to great lengths to point out he was no hero in the war, just an average bloke keen to do his bit for the country.2004 Apr 24 Alex West1

Alex was interviewed by his local paper in April 2004 in the lead up to ANZAC Day.  To read his story click here.

Horrie was a wonderful sportsman and active in Maryborough sporting clubs and Fire Brigade. 

He also organised 7th Battalion reunions in Maryborough for 30 years with up to 300 people attending in the early days.                  Hubble Horrie

Horrie passed away in 2007 and his obituary gives us an insight into the man and his life.